The Orthodox Rainbow Society Reports on 25.4.2007:


The discussion on homosexuality in the Orthodox Church of Finland, started in the biggest Finnish Orthodox journal Aamun Koitto this January, has had a new turn. Aamun Koitto has been prevented from publishing a statement of the Orthodox Rainbow Society, despite of the fact that publishing the statement in AK’s next issue, released on 4th of May, had already been settled with the editing committee.



The censorship is aimed directly at the statement of the Orthodox Rainbow Society, whose statement’s publishing the editing committee has been encouraged to reconsider, and to replace it with an announcement of the closure of the discussion. According to the censor, the discussion has had enough space in Aamun Koitto, and the teaching of the Church as well as other opinions have been expressed freely.



This is not true: once again we, homosexuals – the real objects of this discussion, have been deprived from the chance to publicly express our opinion.


Anyone knowing an open forum for bringing into public awareness the existence and opinion of the Orthodox Rainbow Society, is kindly asked to contact us.